Video: How to make a withdrawal (mobile apps) (US)

In this video, we'll walk you through the steps to withdraw from your DraftKings account using the Sportsbook iOS app. 

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When you’re ready to make a withdrawal from DraftKings, the process to withdraw your money is simple.
Login to the DraftKings app for the product of your choice.
Tap on your profile image, then “Withdraw”.
You can also withdraw after viewing your playable balances from within the financial center and transaction history.
You can also withdraw by viewing your playable balances from the Financial Center.
Confirm or change the product balance you want to withdraw from. Then, enter the amount to withdraw.
Your “available to withdraw” balance is your current balance minus any DK dollars, which cannot be withdrawn.
Your withdrawal options will appear.
These are based on your jurisdiction and the payment methods you have set up on your DraftKings account.
If you want to add a payment method, you can by first making a deposit with that method.
Select your preferred withdrawal method, confirm the account information, and select “Request withdrawal”.
Complete the steps to verify your identity by entering the code sent to your phone or email.
If you’ve enabled bell and email notifications in your account, you’ll receive a notification for your withdrawal request and can check the status of your withdrawal from here.
Once your withdrawal has been requested, you’ll see the withdrawal tracker where you can check the status of your withdrawal from start to finish.
Take note, when your withdrawal has been processed by DraftKings it is now in the hands of your payment provider and will follow your payment providers processing time for your withdrawal method.
Processing times vary by payment method.
Once you see your withdrawal has been processed by DraftKings, you can expect the following timeframes to receive payment.
Use the link below the video to visit our help center and learn more about withdrawal processing times.
To check the status of your withdrawal, navigate back to the tracker at any time from “Account Information”, then “Withdraw” or from the “Financial Center” and “Transaction History”.
Pending withdrawals appear on the right. Tap “View Status” to see the progress of your withdrawal.
If for some reason your withdrawal was cancelled by your payment provider, you’ll receive a notification and see the cancellation status on the withdrawal tracker.
If this occurs, we recommend trying a different payment method for your withdrawal.
If you’re having trouble withdrawing with multiple payment methods, please reach out to the DraftKings Customer Support Team at