Game Style: Classic - Overview (US)

What is the Fantasy Sports Classic Game Style?

DraftKings Fantasy Sports provides the Classic Game Style across all available sports. Players entering Classic Game Style will need to select a lineup of athletes that fit under a salary cap of $50,000. Each athlete is assigned a value, in which Fantasy Sports players pick the athletes they want in their lineup. Players would then fill and complete their lineup with athletes whose combined salaries meet or are under the salary cap. 

As an example only: A player is filling out an NFL Classic Gamestyle lineup. While they would only need to fill in one spot on the lineup for the Quarterback, they would need to fill two separate spots for Running Backs with two different athletes.

Important Information

  • Fantasy Sports players who enter a  Classic Game Style will need to select athletes from at least two different teams. Keep in mind that the athlete pool can span multiple games at the same time.
  • Depending on the sport chosen for the Classic Game Style, Fantasy Sports players may need to choose several athletes to fill different positions to complete their lineup.

View this visual example of Salary Cap and Athlete Salary below.

A visual example of where to find the Salary Cap and Athlete Salary

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what games are included in the slate?

You can find the games slated for the contest by selecting the contest you wish to enter and reviewing the Depth Chart, which lists the games slated for the contest.

View this visual example below

A visual example of the Depth Chart found in a DraftKings Fantasy Sports Contest