Game Style: Showdowns - Overview (US)

What is the Fantasy Sports Showdown Game Style?

Fantasy Sports Showdowns Game Style only span one game. In this contest type, Fantasy Sports players need to fill their lineup with athletes from both teams, but also stay under the salary cap of $50,000.

Important Information

  • Showdowns can be for an entire game or parts of one game.
  • Rosters will consist of one “Captain”. A Captain is an athlete who costs 1.5x more than their normal salary, however, they accrue 1.5x more in Fantasy points.
  • There is also a certain number of “Flex” athletes which can be any athlete within the athlete pool.

View this visual example below.

A visual example of Captain and Flex selection

Frequently asked questions

Why did the same athlete accumulate more points for my opponent?

Your opponent selected the athlete as their Captain, meanwhile, you selected that athlete to be a Flex athlete within the contest.

View this visual example below.

A visual example of the Captain Selection