Game Style: Snake Draft - Overview (US)

What is the Fantasy Sports Snake Draft Game Style?

A Snake Draft Game Style contest allows players to compete against a limited number of other Fantasy Sports players, ranging from 3 to 12 players. Once the contest has been filled with Fantasy Sports players, the Snake Draft will begin two minutes after the contest filling. Players would then draft athletes, one by one, in a Snake fashion.

Important Information

  • An athlete can only be drafted once within the contest. Players would also need to draft athletes for multiple positions depending on the sport. 
  • In snake drafts, players draft athletes one by one in sequential order until each player has drafted one athlete. The draft order then “snakes around” and the player who picked last gets to pick first in the next round. This process continues until all rounds of the draft are complete. An athlete can only be drafted once in a contest, and Fantasy Sports players may need to draft athletes from multiple positions depending on the sport. 
  • Snake Draft contests span multiple games, while Snake Showdowns are Snake Draft contests for one game.
  • Learn more about Snake Draft Game Style contests.

 View this visual example below.

A visual example of Snake Draft Selection

Frequently asked questions

Why did I not get notified that my draft started?

Players need a strong connection in order to receive notifications and sign into DraftKings Fantasy Sports. Learn more about how to troubleshoot Fantasy Sports Issues.

We also recommend ensuring you have notifications turned on for Fantasy Sports contests. Learn more about how to enable notifications.

Why is my entry invalid?

In order to be eligible for prizes in Snake Draft contests, players must complete at least one of the following:

  1. Edit the pre-draft rankings prior to the draft starting. 
  2. Add an athlete to your queue during the draft.
  3. Make a manual draft pick during the draft.