Game Style: Best Ball - Overview (US)

What is the Fantasy Sports Best Ball Game Style?

Fantasy Sports Best Ball contests can span from multiple weeks to an entire season. Fantasy Sports players draft athletes in a snake draft against other fantasy players.

The final standings for a Best Ball contest are determined by the cumulative sum of their fantasy points each week.

As an example only: If a player’s starting lineup scores 100 Fantasy points in week 1, and their starting lineup scores 120 Fantasy points in week 2, their total Fantasy points in the contest’s overall standings is 220 Fantasy points.

DraftKings takes the athletes a player has drafted and each week places the top performing athletes into the starting lineup.

  • As an example only: A player participated in an NFL Best Ball Contest. In football, a Fantasy Sports player drafts for 20 rounds. So all players in the Best Ball contest will draft 20 athletes. Each week as a player’s athletes play their games and accrue fantasy points, DraftKings will place the top scorers at each position in the player’s starting lineup. 

Best Ball contests can be Sit & Go’s or Tournaments.

Sit & Go’s Contests

Sit & Go’s Contests: In a Sit & Go contest, the team with the highest cumulative point total wins.

Tournaments Contests

Tournaments: In tournaments, the team(s) with the highest cumulative points each round advance to the next round to compete against other teams that advanced. Tournaments are typically four rounds and offer much larger prizes to the winners.

Frequently asked questions

Why did I not get notified that my draft started?

Players need a strong connection in order to receive notifications and sign into DraftKings Fantasy Sports. Learn more about how to troubleshoot Fantasy Sports Issues.

We also recommend ensuring you have notifications turned on for Fantasy Sports contests. Learn more about how to enable notifications.

Why is my entry invalid?

In order to be eligible for prizes in Snake Draft contests, players must complete at least one of the following:

  1. Edit the pre-draft rankings. 
  2. Add an athlete to your queue during the draft.
  3. Make a manual draft pick during the draft.

Why hasn't my account been credited with my winnings?

Best Ball Game Style contests are season-long contests. Players will be credited the winnings at the end of the contest. Any estimated winnings are for entertainment value only, and what you would win if that contest had ended that day.