Contest Type: Head to Head (H2H) - Overview (US)

What is a Head to Head (H2H) Contest Type?

Head to Head (H2H) contests allow players to face off against only one opponent in a winner take all contest.

Players can also create a Head to Head Contest of their own! These contests can be posted publicly in the lobby, or be reserved as a private contest for your invited friends or League members. Learn more about creating your own contests

Important Information

View this visual example below.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I find Head to Head (H2H) Contests?

  1. Filtering/ selecting for your preferred sport.
  2. Select the Head-to-Head filter. 
    • All available game styles will be displayed, including Classic and Showdown contests (where available).

How does Head to Head (H2H) Contests work?

Head-to-Head (H2H) contests are one-on-one matches, where the victor claims all available prizes in a winner-takes-all style competition.

As an example only: If a player wins a $5 Head-to-Head contest, both players submit a $5 entry fee to enter the contest and $9 will be awarded to the winner of the contest with a $1 commission fee reserved for DraftKings. In the event of an identical lineup where there is no winner, the commission will be refunded automatically

What is Auto-Matching?

Public Head-to-Head contests posted in the lobby will be auto-matched before the lock time if an opponent did not join your contest and there is another H2H that has not been filled at the time of game set lock. 

The unfilled entry will only be matched with an unfilled entry in the same game set and price point, should that additional unfilled entry exist.

  • The merging of unfilled Head-to-Head contests occurs at the time the contest locks. Typically, when the merge is complete a player will immediately see their matched opponent. In rare instances, there may be a slight delay or you may have to refresh the page to see your matched opponent immediately.

What is Head-to-Head (H2H) Blocking?

You will not be auto-matched against any opponents you previously defined as a “Blocked Player” in the Head to Head settings, within your Account Preferences.

Once you block an opponent, that person can no longer join your public or private head to head contests, send you head to head challenge requests, or be auto-matched with you in head-to-head contests.

Blocking only applies to head-to-head contests and may take up to ten (10) minutes to take effect. Head to Head Blocking does not apply to contests with a price point of $1,000 or more.

How do I block another player?