Contest Type: 50/50 - Overview (US)

What is a 50-50 Contest Type?

In a 50/50 Contest, players compete and if their lineup finishes in the top half of entrants, they win! In the contest type, 50% of players will win in this contest type, as the name suggests.

View this visual example below.

A visual example of a 50-50 Contest Type

Frequently asked questions

 How do I find 50-50 Contests?

  1. Filtering/ selecting for your preferred sport.
  2. Select the 50/50 & Double Ups filter.  
    • All available game styles will be displayed, including Classic and Showdown contests (where available).

How does the 50-50 Contests Type work?

A 50-50 Contest Type pays ½ of the entrants out in the contest if their team lineup finishes in the top half. Every player finishing in the top half wins the same prize amount.

As an example only: You enter an NFL $530 50-50 Contest and submit a lineup. In this contest, a maximum of 24 players can enter this contest. If your lineup makes it to the position of 1- 12 within the contest, you will win the prize payout.

Can I enter a 50-50 Contest more than once?

It depends on the contest. If a 50-50 Contest allows for multiple entries, you would see the multi-entry (M.png) icon in the contest details.