Contest Type: Multipliers - Overview (US)

What is a Multipliers Contest Type?

Multipliers Contest Types enable players to win up to a 10x multiplier of their entry fee. This contest type will pay out the top finishing positions listed in the Contest Details.

 View this visual example below.

A visual example of Multipliers Contest Type

Frequently asked questions

 How do I find Multipliers Contests?

  1. Filtering/ selecting for your preferred sport.
  2. Select the Multipliers filter.  
    • All available game styles will be displayed, including Classic and Showdown contests (where available).

How does the Multipliers Contest Type work?

A player who enters a Multipliers Contest Type and finishes in the top positions within the contest will win a multiple of their entry fee.

As an example only:  A player enters and submits a lineup for an NFL Showdown 10x Booster contest, which is a Multipliers Contest Type. To enter this contest, the player would need to pay a $10 entry fee, and to win they would need to place in 1st to 3rd place. If the player finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, they would receive a prize of $100, which is 10x their entry fee.

Can I enter a Multipliers Contest more than once?

If a Multipliers Contest allows for multiple entries to the contest, you will see the multi-entry (Multi-entry) icon in the contest details.