Contest Type: Satellite and Qualifiers - Overview (US)

What is a Satellite and Qualifiers Contest Type?

Satellite and Qualifiers Contest Types are contests that allow you to win your way to higher stake contests.

  • Satellite: This contest type allows players to compete to qualify for a high stake contest. This Contest Type often pays out tickets to Qualifier Contests.
  • Qualifiers: This contest type is the player can compete in that had to be qualified for with a Satellite contest.

View this visual example below.

Satellite and Qualifiers Contest Type Example.jpg

Frequently asked questions

 How do I find Satellite and Qualifiers Contests?

  1. Filtering/ selecting for your preferred sport.
  2. Select the  Satellite and Qualifiers filter.
    • All available game styles will be displayed, including Classic and Showdown contests (where available).

How do I find the tickets I won for a Satellite and Qualifiers Contest?

Important Information: Qualifier tickets are auto-redeemed, meaning you do not have to manually redeem the ticket. However, you must draft your lineup before the start of the contest!

  • To submit your lineup, you would need to navigate to the My Tickets page or through the push notification letting you know it’s time to draft. 
  • Satellite tickets are not auto-redeemable and would need to be manually redeemed.

Satellite and Qualifier contests provide the winner (or winners) the chance to enter another, higher-stakes Fantasy Sports contest with a ticket. You can view the tickets you have won by going to your account and navigating to the My Tickets

  • Qualifiers tickets are available to you within 48 hours after settlement.

Can I enter a Satellite and Qualifiers Contest more than once?

If a Satellite and Qualifiers Contest allows for multiple entries to the contest, you will see the multi-entry (Multi-entry) icon in the contest details.