Contest Type: Casual - Overview (US)

What is a Casual Contest Type?

Casual Contest Types are available to players who have not yet earned an experience badge but have played over 50 contests.

 View this visual example below.

A visual example of a Casual Contest Type

Frequently asked questions

Can I enter a Casual Contest if I have an experience badge?

No, players with experience badges are not eligible to participate in the Casual Contest.

How can I find a Casual Contest?

  1. Filtering/ selecting for your preferred sport.
  2. Select the Casual filter.  
    • All available game styles will be displayed, including Classic and Showdown contests (where available).

What if I earn an experience badge while I am in a Casual Contest?

You would remain in the Casual Contest until the end of the contest, however, you wouldn’t be able to enter another Casual Contest after receiving an experience badge.