Reignmakers List View and Listing Manager (US)


DraftKings is excited to introduce a new enhancement to your Portfolio & My Cards page called List View! The List View feature will allow you to view your cards in a new layout, while still incorporating ALL of the same Marketplace & Fantasy data that is already available on the tiles. Also, the team is releasing a new feature called “Listings Manager”! This feature enables you to bulk list, bulk edit, and bulk cancel listings within your portfolio at once.

Customers now have the flexibility to choose how their page looks! Additionally, the Listings Manager feature should help enhance how players manage their portfolios. In just a few clicks, you can now list, edit, and/or cancel multiple items! 

How do I access List View?

  1. Navigate to DraftKings Reignmakers.
  2. Select Portfolio.
  3. Select if you’d like to view your Portfolio in List or Grid view.



  1. Select List View to check out the new way of viewing and managing your cards. You can scroll left to right to see more stats and data.

What is Listing Manager?

  1. You now can select items you own by clicking the check box on each item.


  1. Once an item is selected, a new bottom bar will appear on the screen.


  1. You can choose to take action on the selected item(s).
    1. Cancel Listings: Removing the current listing price for those items.

    1. List Items: Creating new listings for those items and/or editing existing listings.
  1. If you click List Items, you will be landed on a new List For Sale or Edit Listings page.

  1. Enter your prices and list your items with one click! From this screen you can also choose to apply the floor price or a custom price to all selected items.