NBA Threesday Offers - Overview (US)


Use your Bet & Get token to place a wager on an NBA First Three Point Field Goal Scorer and earn towards a Bonus Bet for every Three Pointer scored in the game!

This article does not contain all Terms and Conditions related to "NBA Threesday" offers. For complete eligibility requirements and offer details, please review the Terms and Conditions.

To Qualify

  • Opt-in to a "NBA Threesday" offer.
  • Once opted-in you will receive a “NBA Threesday Bet & Get” token that can be located on your Rewards page and in your bet slip once a qualifying wager is added.
  • You will receive a bell notification upon successful opt-in to a “NBA Threesday” offer.

Placing your NBA Threesday Bet

  • Confirm you have opted-in to the offer and received a “NBA Threesday Bet & Get” Bonus Token.
  • Add a qualifying First Three Point Field Scorer bet to your bet slip. 
  • In your bet slip, under Apply Reward slide the toggle to the right to apply the Bonus Token to your qualifying wager.
  • Enter a dollar amount and confirm it meets any minimum wager requirements.
  • Place your wager.
  • You can confirm your "NBA Threesday Bet & Get" token was successfully applied to your wager in your My Bets tab. If the offer was successfully applied, your bet slip will contain a purple 'Bet & Get' label.

Promotion Notes

  • Customers must opt-in to a "NBA Threesday” promotion each time it is offered.
  • One qualifying bet per customer during the promotional period.
  • Bonus Bets proportional to the amount of Three Point Field Goals scored in the game issued within 24 hours.
  • You will receive a bell notification and pop-up notification once eligible “NBA Threesday” Bonus Bets have been credited to your account.

As an example only: You receive a NBA Threesday Promotional offer and are eligible to receive $1 towards a Bonus Bet for every Three Pointer made in the Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers game if you place a $10 bet on the First Three Point Scorer. You place a $10 bet on Jayson Tatum to be the First Three Point Field Goal Scorer as your qualifying wager and there are 30 total Three Pointers made in the Celtics vs. Lakers game, you would get a $30 Bonus Bet within 24 hours of game completion. 

Ineligible Bets

  • Traditional Parlays
  • Same Game Parlays (SGP)
  • Same Game Parlay Extra (SPGx)
  • Progressive Parlays
  • Live bets
  • Bonus Bets
  • Odds Boosts
  • Cash Out Bets
  • Voided Bets
  • Wagers on non-eligible games.

Important: The "NBA Threesday Bet & Get " token must be selected and applied to your bet slip BEFORE you place your bet. "Bet & Get" offers cannot be applied retroactively after a bet has been placed. Subject to jurisdictional availability. Maximum wager amount may vary.