One & Done Pools - Overview (US)


One & Done is a new way to compete for prizes with paid contests and can be located in the Sportsbook Pools Lobby

What events are One & Done Pools available for?

At this time One & Done Pools are available for Golf.

How to Play 

  • Each One & Done Pool consists of a predetermined amount of phases.
  • In each phase, make one or multiple player selections from a pool of available participants and score points based on their performance.
  • Once chosen, participants cannot be selected again for the remaining phases of the One & Done Pool. 
    • Once you select a golfer in one phase, that golfer will appear greyed out and is ineligible to be selected in all subsequent phases.
  • There is no elimination as overall scoring is determined based upon your cumulative One & Done selections.
  • Review your Upcoming and Live entries.

Where Can I Play One & Done Pools?

DraftKings Sportsbook paid One & Done Pools are currently only available in the following states. You must be physically located in one of these states every time a selection is submitted within an individual One & Done Pool.

  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

How Long Do One & Done Pools Last?

One & Done Pools will require you to make multiple selections and can last any specified duration of time. Be sure to check an individual Pool’s schedule details when entering. 

How Are One & Done Pools Scored?

One & Done Pools are scored based upon a predetermined criteria. For Golf, these criteria can vary but will always be stated in the details of the One & Done Pool. For Pools where the scoring is based upon tournament prize winnings, entrants will be awarded the same number of points that their selected golfer earned in prize winnings for that particular tournament. Point totals for selected golfers will be accumulated over the duration of the One & Done Pool to determine final payouts. Results can be located on your Recent Pools page.

When Will Standings be Updated for One & Done Pools?

The standings of a One & Done Pool will be updated following the conclusion of each individual phase associated with that Pool. When possible, standings may be updated sooner during an individual phase, but standings will always be updated at least once within 24 hours of phase completion.

Can I Enter Multiple One & Done Pools?

Yes, you can enter multiple One & Done Pools as well as submit multiple entries within the same One & Done Pool based upon the stated Pool multi-entry limit.