Dynasty Milestone Rewards - Overview (US)

What are Milestones Rewards? 

Milestones Rewards are rewards you can receive as you earn Tier Credits for play and progress towards higher Tiers. Milestone Rewards provide you with Crowns, or a choice in what kind of eligible rewards you wish to receive, allowing you an opportunity to choose your reward! 

You can choose from a curated selection of gifts or receive a lump sum of Crowns.

Important Information

  • While you earn Tier Credits by playing on DraftKings products, you can also earn Tier Credits for your play in our partner company Golden Nugget Online Casino! Any Tier Credits earned from gameplay in our partner company Golden Nugget Online Casino will contribute to your Tier Status for your DraftKings account and your Golden Nugget Online Casino account.
  • Please be aware your Crowns balance won’t be visible within the DK Horse app or website. For up-to-date information on your Crowns, view your Crowns balance with any of the other DraftKings Products.
  • Crown and Tier Credit accrual rates are subject to change. Your participation in the Dynasty Rewards Program is governed by the Dynasty Rewards Rules & Policy. Learn more about the Rules and Policy.

Frequently asked questions

How do I earn a Milestone Reward?

You can earn Milestone Rewards by accumulating Tier Credits through your eligible gameplay. Once you reach a Milestone Reward threshold, you receive the opportunity to claim your Milestone Reward. 

How do I claim my Milestones?

You can claim all Milestone rewards in the Dynasty Hub or on the Promotions page.

  • Important Note: Players can NOT exchange Milestone Rewards, Crowns, or physical rewards for Cash or another type of credit.

What are my reward options after achieving Milestone?

Learn more about the selection of eligible gift options available for Milestone Rewards.

How can I find the Milestone Rewards I received?

You can find information about the reward you have claimed by going to the Dynasty Hub or on the Promotions page. If you have chosen a lump sum Crowns reward, you can also view the Crowns credit by going to your transactions. 

To see the Crowns credit, in your Transaction History, you would need to change the Currency from USD to Crowns