Video: Getting started with Progressive Jackpots (US)

In this video, we'll introduce Progressive Jackpots, where to find them, and how to opt in and out if interested.

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At DraftKings, you can win Progressive Jackpots while playing your favorite Casino Games! 

A Progressive Jackpot is a jackpot that increases each round a Jackpot isn’t won. 

Opt into a Progressive Jackpot by tapping your favorite Jackpot game tile outlined in gold, then tap “Opt into Jackpot and Play”.

If you’re not interested in a Progressive Jackpot, just tap “Play” or “Play with Cash” button instead. 

You can also opt in from the Jackpot banner from within the game at any time.

Be sure to review the Jackpot Rules before opting in. 

Once opted in, you’ll continue to contribute between 10 and 25 cents to the Jackpot for every hand, spin, or round played, until you decide to opt out. 

 Opt out from the same location as opting in, from the game tile, or the banner at the top of the game. 

You’ll see a breakdown on your transaction history including the stake wagered, the Jackpot contribution if you’ve opted in, and any winnings from your gameplay. 

Visit Jackpots, find a game, and opt in for your chance to be the next Progressive Jackpot winner!