Why am I unable to play Sportsbook after depositing? (US)

There are several reasons why you may have trouble placing a bet after depositing. Review the troubleshooting steps below:

Have you opted into a promotion?

Important note: If you’ve opted into a Casino Deposit Bonus your recently deposited funds may be tied up in a Casino promotion. 

  • If you are signed up for a promotion, find out whether the promotion is for Casino or Sportsbook.

Screenshot of the mobile app's top navigation bar. To the right, there is a notification bell icon highlighted with a red box to illustrate where you can tap or click to see if you are opted into a promotion.

  • Keep in mind that casino bonus funds or credits can’t be used for sports bets. However, once you complete the play-through requirement for the casino offer, you can use the funds for anything you want.

For complete eligibility requirements and offer details, visit the Casino Promotions page and review the Terms and Conditions of the Casino deposit bonus offer you’ve received.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

Are you connected to the internet?

Learn how to enable your WiFi.

Are your location services turned on?

For troubleshooting assistance, visit our resources for turning on location services by device: iOS, Android, and mobile web.

Are you using a VPN or proxy?

You won’t be able to place bets if you’re connecting with a virtual private network (VPN), proxy, or remote desktop program. 

Learn how to disable a vpn, proxy, or remote desktop program.

Does your browser or mobile device meet the required specifications?

Have you set any account restrictions?

Certain restrictions such as entry, entry fee(s), wagering, and time limits may prevent you from placing bets. 

To change your limits:

  1. Tap or click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Tap or click Account Information.
  3. Tap or click Player Limits.
  4. Input or change the desired limit. 

If you’re still having trouble placing bets after troubleshooting, please contact the DraftKings Customer Support Team.