What is a portfolio in DraftKings Marketplace? (US)

A portfolio is where a customer can view the NFTs and unopened packs they own within DraftKings Marketplace. The portfolio is public to all participants and can be shared externally to show off your collection!

The Portfolio page, is also where participants can connect a web3 wallet if they wish to transfer applicable NFTs to their personal account. Learn more about linking a Web3 wallet.

In addition, participants may also visit the Craft & Burn portal via the portfolio page by clicking the fire icon in the top right corner. The Craft & Brun portal is where participants can trade in existing cards for new ones. Learn more about Craft & Burn.

To access your portfolio: 

  1. Navigate to Marketplace.
  2. Tap or click Portfolio at the top of the Marketplace homepage. 
  3. All currently owned NFTs will be listed.