How do I join a waiting room to queue for an Digital Player Card? (US)

If you're interested in purchasing a specific Digital Player Card, you can join a waiting room with other customers who have also joined before the scheduled drop time. You'll remain in the waiting room until the drop starts and the queue opens. The time you enter the waiting room won't affect your placement in the queue.

How to join a waiting room

  1. Log into Reignmakers
  2. Click or tap the drop you’d like to join the waiting room for. 
  3. Click or tap Join Drop.
    • Note: Waiting rooms open before the scheduled drop time. The option to Join Drop will be grayed out until the waiting room opens. 
  4. If your account isn’t verified, you’ll be asked to verify your account

At the start of the scheduled drop time, all players in the waiting room will be placed into the queue in random order to ensure that all players have a fair chance at participating in primary market drops

Important: Placement in the queue doesn’t guarantee a Digital Player Card purchase.