What currencies can I use to purchase Digital Player Cards on the DraftKings Reignmakers? (US)

DraftKings Reignmakers allows purchases with US dollars (USD). 

DraftKings may continue to explore other currency and payment options, but at this time cryptocurrency payments aren't allowed.

Reignmakers Primary Credits:

Reignmakers Primary Credits are a new currency that’s only usable on Reignmakers. Participants can purchase Reignmakers drops and bid on Reignmakers auctions with Reignmakers Primary Credits as of April 4, 2024. For any purchase where Reignmakers Primary Credits can be used by a participant, these credits will be used before the rest of the participant's balance.

Participants won’t be able to use Reignmakers Primary Credits for:

  • Buying cards off the secondary listings market;
  • Making offers; or
  • Entering paid Reignmakers contests.

Participants can see their balance of Reignmakers Primary Credits when purchasing drops and bidding on auctions by clicking on the information icon in the upper right. 

The balance shown in the Reignmakers header and all Reignmakers purchase experiences is the participant’s total balance including their cash balance and their Reignmakers Primary Credits balance. The balance shown in the paid entry experience excludes Reignmakers Primary Credits because it only reflects the currency that the participant can use to enter the contest. Reignmakers Primary Credits expire on the date specified when awarded to a participant. The expiration date will be visible in the participant's financial hub.