What is DraftKings Marketplace? - overview (US)

A digital collectibles ecosystem designed for mainstream accessibility that offers curated NFT drops and supports secondary-market transactions.

In DraftKings Marketplace, millions of customers will have the ability to seamlessly buy and sell digital collectibles across sports, entertainment, and culture using their existing DraftKings account.

What are drops on DraftKings Marketplace?

A drop is a release of a single or collection of NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace at a specified date. Drops are the process of DraftKings listing new NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace, and any NFTs added via drops are referred to as the primary market

What NFTs will DraftKings Marketplace offer?

We expect to drop millions more NFTs for purchase – everything from sports to entertainment to culture.

What metadata is associated with NFTs?

NFTs consist of a collection of metadata that defines what you own. Consider metadata to be the description of your NFT.

Metadata contains key details including:

  • Name of the NFT
  • Description of the NFT
  • Unique edition number of the NFT 
  • Supplier and creator of the NFT


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