How do I access DraftKings Marketplace secondary market? (US)

Verified owners of NFTs on DraftKings Marketplace can list their NFTs for sale to other DraftKings Marketplace customers. 

To access the DraftKings secondary market:

  1. Navigate to Marketplace.
  2. Tap or click Browse at the top of the Marketplace homepage. 
  3. All currently available NFTs on the secondary market will be listed with the following details:
    • Type
    • Collection
    • Number of NFTs in the edition
    • Price
  4. Tap or click on any available NFT to learn more. 


  • To help ensure our customers have the best possible experience on DraftKings Marketplace, all customers must verify their account with a valid form of identification before transacting on the secondary market.
  • As soon as an NFT is listed for sale on the secondary market, it is available to any verified customer for purchase.