How do I access DraftKings Reignmakers secondary market? (US)

Verified owners of Digital Player Cards can list their collectibles for sale to other DraftKings Reignmakers customers. 

To access the DraftKings secondary market:

  1. Navigate to Reignmakers.
  2. Tap or click Shop and scroll down.
  3. All currently available collectibles on the secondary market will be listed with the following details:
    • Type
    • Collection
    • Number of Digital Player Cards in the edition
    • Price
  4. Tap or click on any available collectibles to learn more. 


  • To help ensure our customers have the best possible experience on DraftKings Reignmakers, all customers must verify their account with a valid form of identification before transacting on the secondary market.
  • As soon as a collectible is listed for sale on the secondary market, it is available to any verified customer for purchase.