When will my card be charged? (US)

Important Information

  • Your account will only be charged once your deposit is completed. 
  • Depending on the payment method used to complete a deposit into your DraftKings account, the charge may not be posted by your financial institution immediately. 
  • Final posting time is at the discretion of your financial institution and DraftKings holds no responsibility with regard to these timeframes.
  • Using DraftKings does not require any recurring charges, so even if you choose to save your card information for any future deposits, your card will never be charged automatically.
  • Due to banking holiday hours and weekends, bank processing timelines can be impacted and may cause a delay in posting.

See the below chart for an estimated timeframe on when deposits may be posted by your financial institution:

Deposit Method

Processing Time in Business Days*

Apple Pay Up to 3 days
Bank Wire Transfer Up to 2 days
Cash Instantly
Cage Instantly
Credit Cards Up to 3 days
Debit Cards Up to 3 days
DraftKings Gift Card Instantly
Electronic Gift Card Instantly
Online Banking Up to 3 days
PayPal Dependent on payment method linked to PayPal account
Play+ Prepaid Card Up to 3 days
Venmo Dependent on payment method linked to Venmo account
VIP Preferred (e-check) Up to 3 days


*Estimated timeframes, actual deposits may take longer.