Resolving Deposit Issues - Overview (US)

Please review common deposit issues and resolutions: 

Location issues 

You're physically located in a state that doesn't permit DraftKings deposits for any product

  • Such as: 
    • Hawaii
    • Idaho
    • Montana
    • Nevada
    • Washington

Resolution: Relocate to a physical location that permits paid daily fantasy sports.

You're attempting to register an account and deposit via Sportsbook or Casino while physically located where online gambling or sports betting isn't permitted. 

Resolution: Relocate to a physical location that permits paid daily fantasy sports, online gambling or sports betting.

Information mismatch issues 

You're using a deposit method that isn't in your name

Resolution: Only use a deposit method that belongs to you, and that matches the name associated with your DraftKings account.

You're using an electronic gift card that hasn't been registered. 

Resolution: Register your gift card to the same account information associated with your DraftKings account. 

Your DraftKings account hasn't been verified

Your credit or debit card has expired. 

Resolution: Update your credit card expiration or try an alternative deposit method.

You're depositing more than the available balance. 

Resolution: Try making a smaller deposit or an alternative deposit method.

Deposit method restriction issues

You're using a PayPal for business account. 

Resolution: Use a personal PayPal account, or an alternative deposit method

Your credit card or bank doesn't permit deposits for gambling or sports betting.

Resolution: Try an alternative deposit method

You've previously asked DraftKings to disable your credit or debit card. 

Resolution: Try an alternative deposit method

Deposit limit issues 

Resolution: Wait until the daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit has reset and attempt to deposit again.