How do I contact DraftKings Customer Support?

DraftKings offers the ability to search for your answer in our Help Center Topics, Live Chat, and Message/Email support. We also offer callback support for complex issues for Sportsbook and Casino only. Telephone callback support for Daily Fantasy and DraftKings Marketplace isn't available at this time.

To resolve issues quickly, we offer comprehensive self-help articles that are accessible by searching through our existing Help Center topics. DraftKings Support Agents use these same articles to help our customers resolve their problems efficiently, and we think you will find this to be the easiest path to a solution in most scenarios.  

The following options exist within this help topic article:

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Search the Help Topics

Most customers find they are able to solve or diagnose problems fastest by searching for answers in the DraftKings Help Center first. 

Type your question into the box on the Help Center page, and press the Search button. Alternately, you can scroll down and search through the topics within the Help Center.


(graphic shown on this page is not the search field, it is only a picture)

Before you contact customer support: Preparation

To expedite a resolution, please do the following before you contact Customer Support:

  • Prepare screenshots of the issue you are experiencing, including any error messages
  • Make a note of your issue
  • Make note of any options you have tried and any messages you received when trying the options

Contact customer support: Submit a Request

If you cannot solve your problem by searching for answers in the DraftKings Help Center, the most efficient option for contacting customer support directly is to Submit a Request.

In the Help Center, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button labeled "Submit a Request". 


Fill out the form with information about your issue, and submit it to DraftKings Customer Support. Requests are processed based on severity and the length of the queue as agents become available. . A Customer Support agent will respond to your ticket shortly. 

Contact customer support: Live Chat

Click on the Support option in the lower left-hand corner of the Help Center. The button text and size is reactive, and may be different on your screen.


  • Attempt to search for an answer to your problem within the chat window
  • If you cannot find the answer to your problem, click on Get in Touch
  • If a Live Chat agent is available, a Live Chat option will appear under the heading "How do you want to get in touch?"
  • Click on the Live Chat option and fill out the form to reserve your place in the queue.
  • Live Chat requests are processed based on severity and the length of the queue as agents become available. Please wait for an agent - one will respond to you shortly

Contact customer support: Request a Callback
(Sportsbook and Casino customers only)

DraftKings offers a variety of support options to fit your needs. For the fastest resolution to your issue, we recommend either Live Chatting with one of our support agents, or reviewing answers related to your issue in our Help Center. 

If you're unable to resolve the issue via Live Chat or Help Center, we provide the option to request a callback from DraftKings Customer Support here.

Important: The option to request a callback is only available for logged in Sportsbook and Casino customers within the US. If you'd like assistance with your Daily Fantasy Sports or DraftKings Marketplace account, please contact Customer Support

Callback requests are processed by weighing the severity of the issue and your place in the queue as agents are available. Agents may also reach out to you via email if your request could be better handled via text. If your callback request is approved, an agent will call you shortly at the number you provided in your email.  

Contact customer support: Email

To speak with a Customer Support agent or register a complaint with DraftKings: 

Contact customer support: Postal Mail

If you’d like to register a complaint with DraftKings, you may send mail to the following address

  • DraftKings Customer Support
    222 Berkeley St
    Boston, MA 02116

Contacting state regulators:

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