Fantasy Sports Fair Play Commitment (US)

Life’s more fun when you’re in on the action, but only when that action is fair. DraftKings is committed to ensuring fairness across all of our fantasy contests to preserve the integrity of the game.

Learn about DraftKings' commitment to fair play.

Protecting You

Rules of Play

  • Multiple accounts: 1 player = 1 account. Each player is permitted to have only one account. DraftKings uses modern data science techniques and other tools to uphold the 1 player, 1 account requirement.

Learn about the one account per player requirement in the Terms of Use.

  • Individual, Not Team Accomplishments: Always compete against the field
    We monitor contests for unpermitted behaviors. For example, players that try to avoid direct competition by leveraging contest entries of multiple accounts might land in the sin bin!

Learn about permitted and unpermitted behaviors in the Community Guidelines.

  • Automated Tools: DraftKings players are humans, not bots! The use of automation tools such as browser scripts or bots is prohibited.

Learn about prohibited automation in the Conditions of Participation of the Terms of Use.

  • DraftKings and its Employees are not your Competition: Fantasy contests are for competing against other DraftKings customers.DraftKings serves as a neutral operator and does not have a stake in the outcome of any fantasy contest. Whether you are surfing the lobby to enter a contest or participating in Reignmakers, you don’t have to worry about going up against DraftKings employees. When you enter a public contest, it’s just you vs. other customers.

Learn about contest eligibility and the Conditions of Participation in the Terms of Use.

A Fair Playing Field

Contest features to ensure a fair experience for all. Learn about the Player First Initiative.

  • Contest Eligibility
    The highest-volume DraftKings players across all sports are ineligible to enter Salary Cap, Tiers, Best Ball Sit & Go, or Snake Draft contest formats when the entry fee is less than $3. The highest-volume DraftKings players are also ineligible to enter certain contest formats when the entry fee is less than $5 if the prize pool is under $25,000 guaranteed. 
  • Multi-Entry Limits
    Salary Cap, Tiers, and Best Ball Tournaments with an entry fee less than $5 allow up to a maximum of 20 entries per player. mini-MAX and Pick6 contests are an exception to multi-entry limit rules. mini-MAX provides the excitement of entering a maximum of 150 lineup entries in the same contest, at entry fees below $5. Pick6 contests allow up to 150 entries or 3% of the total contest entries, whichever is less, at entry fees of $1.
  • Single-Entry Limits
    Players in Salary Cap, Tiers, Best Ball Sit & Go, Snake Drafts, and Reignmakers may enter no more than 50 Single-Entry Fantasy contests that have non-guaranteed prize pools in the same sport, entry fee, and start/end time at $1, $2, $3, $5, or $10 amounts.
  • Experience Badges
    Experience Badges signify fantasy contest entry milestones for accomplished players. Beginner and Casual contests are gated to keep out anyone with an Experience Badge. If a player earns an Experience Badge after entering a Beginner or Casual contest, the player will remain in the contest.

Learn about Experience Badges.

Contest Transparency

DraftKings is committed to maintaining a transparent and fair player ecosystem.

  • Contest Details
    Understand every aspect of the contest details before you enter - including sport, type, limits, prizes, and lock time.
  • Get All the Stats
    During contests, DraftKings gives you the power to sweat live standings in the contest GameCenter. The official contest results are posted once it has been marked as completed on the contest History page. When logged into DraftKings on desktop, laptop, or mobile web, a downloadable .CSV file that lists each entry is available in the GameCenter by clicking Export Lineups to CSV. This downloadable file includes rankings of lineups, FPTS, and athlete drafted percentages.
    Review all lineups in a contest with a .CSV file.

Your money isn't our money

DraftKings keeps separate bank accounts for players' funds and our operational funds.

Learn about the segregation of customer funds in the Terms of Use.

Game Integrity

Game Integrity monitors DraftKings contests, transactions, player accounts, and more, to detect customers who may not be following the rules.

Game Integrity implements best-in-class processes for a birds-eye view of Fantasy Sports and Reignmakers ecosystems. The company is committed to addressing unpermitted behaviors, we’re constantly investing in people, processes, and technology to detect when a customer is committing a personal foul.

Game Integrity is led by a leadership committee that oversees the guidelines defining the company's commitment to preserving the integrity of the game. The committee consists of leadership from multiple departments across the organization, and is dedicated to ensuring rules are upheld in a fair and unbiased manner for all players. The committee meets regularly to ensure DraftKings remains a fair, safe, and trustworthy destination for our customers to participate in the Fantasy Sports contests they love, and to evaluate data used to protect the integrity of the game.

For any conduct that compromises the integrity of our fantasy contests, the committee is empowered to take action to protect impacted customers. For details about permitted and unpermitted behaviors, please see the Community Guidelines.

Supporting You

We’re here to help with all your needs.

  • If you see something suspicious, let us know.
    Don’t be afraid to throw a challenge flag. DraftKings is committed to meticulously reviewing all player-submitted concerns. If you suspect that another player may be engaging in behavior that you feel negatively impacts the integrity of DraftKings contests, send us an email at

Contact Game Integrity

  • Have an account related question?
    DraftKings Customer Support can help with account or DraftKings product related questions whenever they arise.  The fastest way to get help is by searching the comprehensive support articles within the Help Center.  For more in depth needs, fill out a Support Request form. For expedited service requests, Live Chat is offered. If Live Chat is unavailable, you will be given the option to leave a message and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit the Help Center

  • Committed to responsible play.
    DraftKings is committed to providing a safe and responsible place for online gaming. We want to provide tools to help everyone play within their means. If you think you’re spending too much time or money on DraftKings, we can help.

Visit our Responsible Gaming resources.