How are the start times determined for In-Game Showdown contests? (US)

The start time for In-Game Showdown contests are unknown, however DraftKings provides a best estimate to help you prepare for the contest. The countdown until lock clock is displayed in both the Lobby and at the top of the lineup drafting screen.

The start time for In-Game Showdown contests is displayed in the same way as any other fantasy sports contest. In-Game Showdown contests are unique because their start times are subject to adjustments, this assures they match the pacing of the game (the beginning of the 2nd half and the 4th quarter).

Contest start times for In-Game Showdown contests are subject to change due to the unknown length of the earlier quarters. Because the quarter start time isn't known ahead of time, contests may start a few minutes before the actual quarter start time. Based on the timing of the earlier quarters, contest start times may change multiple times and are subject to adjustments.