Can I edit the payout structure of a Fantasy Sports contest I created after it has been posted? (US)

Important Information

  • DraftKings doesn't allow editing of a contest's size or payout structure once the contest has been created. Learn more about contest creation.
  • If not all slots are filled when your contest starts, it may automatically resize based on settings, allowing it to run with fewer entries than initially intended.
  • Resized contests aim to maintain the original payout structure, opting for the closest alternative if the initial one is unavailable.
  • Learn more about contest resizing rules.

Additional Notes

  • Only private contests of 200 entries or fewer can be resized.
  • The option for a contest to be auto-resized will be available in the Create a Contest flow.
  • If a contest can't be resized and doesn't fill within 2 weeks, it will be canceled. 
  • Recurring contests’ settings will be based on the original contest’s settings.