What happens if the live scoring is delayed? (US)

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports uses multiple live scoring data feeds to provide our users with the most exciting sweat experience. On rare occasions, live scoring may become delayed or unavailable for a period of time. 

At the end of each game, our live stats are reconciled with the official stats provided by the respective leagues and DraftKings player scores are finalized. 

Per DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports contest rules, live scoring updates are strictly for the enjoyment of DraftKings customers. DraftKings’ official scoring validation process begins once all games within the contest are final. This process ensures that DraftKings scoring matches official stat providers when contest results are finalized and paid out. Once contests are finalized, a contest status will update to "Completed", and that contest will move from the "Live Games" section to the "Completed Games" section on the My Contests page.

The official scoring validation process is solely to ensure that DraftKings contest results are determined based on official scoring. Delays during this process may occur as a result of data collection or other technical difficulties. DraftKings will not attempt to make judgements on scoring rulings.

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