How does DraftKings treat late stat changes and live scoring delays? (US)

Late Stat Changes

  • To provide our players with the most exciting Fantasy Sports experience, we use live scoring information provided by trusted third-party stat providers. 
  • Once all games in a contest are over at, our live stats are reconciled with the official stats provided by the respective leagues, and DraftKings player scores are finalized.

Per our terms and conditions, contest results and prize calculations are based on the final statistics and scoring results at the completion of the last game of each individual contest.

There are, however, some rare occasions when the final stats are revised by the league after their initial release. In these cases, player scores and settlements on DraftKings stay the same, and checking official league box scores for comparison is advised.

  • Please note that ESPN is not considered an official league, and should only be used for informational purposes. Examples of official league sites would be,,, and, etc.

Live Scoring Delays

Additionally, per DraftKings Fantasy Sports contest rules, live scoring updates are strictly for the enjoyment of DraftKings customers. DraftKings’ official scoring validation process begins once all games within the contest are final. 

This process ensures that DraftKings scoring matches official stat providers when contest results are finalized and paid out. Once contests are finalized, a contest status will update to Completed, and that contest will move from the Live Games section to the Completed Games section on the My Contests page.

Finally, the official scoring validation process is solely to ensure that DraftKings contest results are determined based on official scoring. Delays during this process may occur as a result of data collection or other technical difficulties. DraftKings will not attempt to make judgments on scoring rulings.

  • Important Note: There is a difference between player scoring revisions from the league and scoring/settlement revisions due to technical errors. If there has been a technical issue that has affected the league's official data feed or settlement process, the contest scoring, winners, and payments may be subject to revision and correction if necessary.