What happens if I’m disconnected during Casino gameplay? (US)

Important Information

If you’re disconnected from a DraftKings Casino game one of the following will occur:

If you're disconnected during gameplay and your action is needed to complete the game:

  • The game will pause and you will be able to continue where you left off. If you’re disconnected, your action may be required to complete the game round, and recommend attempting to re-enter the game. 

If you're disconnected during gameplay and your action isn't needed to complete the round:

For Live Dealer Casino games:

  • If you are disconnected during gameplay, and your decision is not required, the round will continue to completion and you will see the results and hand history within your transactions
  • For games that require a decision, such as Blackjack, the round will proceed as if no decision was made and the player will automatically stand or hit once the cards are received. Please read each table games rules before playing to determine if you will hit or stand after disconnecting.
  • The round will then proceed accordingly and you will be credited based on the true result of the transaction