How do I enter a Daily Fantasy contest? (US)

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports offers a variety of contests of different types and game styles to enjoy. They are all available to enter directly from the DraftKings Lobby.

The example below is taken from the DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports app.  A different yet similarly accessible experience is available for DraftKings website users.

  1. Enter the lobby: Choose your preferred sport.
  2. Select a game style: Make a selection from the game styles listed. Not all sports offer the same options, contest rules, or scoring. Read the contest Rules & Scoring.
  3. Choose the game set: Each slate list the contest's start time, and the number of games that the contest represents. 
  4. Filter the lobby to find a contest: Sort and filter the contest options to find the one that you want to play. You can choose from popular options such as multi-entry limit, entry fee, total prize pool, field size. You can even filter to only display contests that can be entered with DK Crowns.  
  5. Select your players: Start building your dream team of players. Once you are done creating your lineup, click on Submit. Alternatively, you can reserve your entry into the contest, allowing you to add a lineup at a later stage before it is submitted. However, when picking players, do not forget to stay under the salary cap.
  6. Enjoy the game: As the games start and the excitement builds, watch your score in real time in the game center as you sweat the game. Here you can see what your potential winnings if are if you remain in the same place when the contest is officially completed.
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