How do I enter a Fantasy Sports contest? (US)

The process for entering a contest is simple, fun, and designed to be an engaging experience for sports fans!

  1. Choose a contest

There are tons of different contest types and game styles to choose from in every sport. Visit the daily fantasy sports lobby to find the contest for the sport you like best and select Enter new lineup.

Alternatively, if you choose to create your lineups in advance of selecting a contest, you can use Bulk Entry to enter multiple contests at once from the lineup page

You can read the contest rules for your sport and contest variant on our Rules & Scoring overview page.  

  1. Pick your players

Build your lineup using the players you want while remaining under the salary cap. Once you’ve created a lineup, hit the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the screen. You can review and edit any of your lineups on the Upcoming tab.

In salary cap contests, participants will create a lineup by selecting players listed in the player pool. Each player listed has an assigned salary and a valid lineup must not exceed the salary cap. 

In tiers contests, participants will create a lineup by selecting players listed in the player pool. Each player listed has an assigned tier, and a valid lineup must include a player from each tier. The number of tiers may vary based on the game set.

  • We are proud to offer a special lineup upload option as a CSV file that allows you to enter more than one lineup at once when the contest offers multi-entry. For instructions on how to use a CSV upload for entering a contest, please see how do I upload or edit multiple lineups at once?

Note: Player salaries are determined based on historical statistics and aspects of a player’s upcoming matchup may be factored into their salary. Player salaries listed are a function of the salary cap fantasy sports contest format and are not intended, and should not be relied upon, as any indication of real-life salary valuations of the individual players.

  1. Watch and win

The real fun starts when the contest begins. Watch your fantasy points accrue in real-time while sweating the games, the standings in the GameCenter will display your current share of the prize pool.  

Note: Live scoring updates are strictly for the enjoyment of DraftKings customers. The official scoring validation process begins once all games within the contest are final.  This process ensures that DraftKings scoring matches official stat providers when contest results are finalized and paid out.  DraftKings does not make judgments on scoring rulings.


The entry-fee and prize pool for a contest will not change once the contest is created. Therefore, each contest has a maximum amount of total entries accepted. Contests that have not reached capacity will be available for entry up until the contest start time.

Guaranteed contests will run (with prizes unchanged) even if they do not reach capacity before the contest start time. Non-guaranteed contests that do not reach capacity by contest start time may be merged with other similar unfilled contests or may be canceled and refunded.