What types of Daily Fantasy contests are offered? (US)

Play what you want. Get your cleats wet with a casual contest. Settle a rivalry in a head to head matchup. Mix it up with competitors in public or private tournaments. Join leagues with friends, coworkers, and family to prove your fantasy supremacy. Win a qualifier, get invited to a live event, and earn the chance to win colossal cash prizes.

For more information about each sport's contest formats, please review our Rules & Scoring.  

Daily fantasy sports contest styles:

Guaranteed prize pool contests (GPP): Contests that payout the entire prize pool regardless of whether the contest filled up or not.

User generated contests: Contests created by users (see Can I create my own contest), which can be either public or private. All you need to do is choose a sport, contest type, and number of players. To make sure your contest isn’t canceled due to it not filling, check out the resizeable contest option

Head-to-Head: Face-off contest against only one opponent, where the winner takes it all. 

50/50s: Players whose teams finish in the top half of the field win cash, regardless of the number of entries. 

Double ups: Those teams that finish in a prize-paying position, double their winnings. 

Satellites and qualifiers: Players win tickets that can be used for entry in higher-stake contests.

Multipliers: Great way for a bankroll boost! Winners can multiply their entry fee between 3 and 10 times!

Beginner contests: Open to those users who have not yet earned an experience badge and played under 50 contests. Player badges signify contest entry milestones for accomplished players. Anyone with an experience badge is ineligible for beginner or casual contests. However, if a player earns a badge after contest entry, they will remain in the contest.

Casual contests: Open to users who at the time of contest entry have not earned an experience badge. 

Free contests: Free to enter contests, where winnings are paid in entry tickets or DraftKings dollars. 

Season-long contests: Unlike typical daily fantasy sports contests, these last an entire season. Cash prizes are paid out based on a user’s cumulative total points at the end of the season. 

Pools: Sportsbook bettors can play in this contest against other bettors who have joined the same event or pool. Each winner’s prize depends on the number of players in the pool and the number of winners.

Snake draft contests: Drafting players for these contests is divided into rounds where each user picks a player in each round according to a predetermined order. Once the first round is complete, the user who picked last, now picks first in the second round, in other words the draft snakes back on itself. 

Slow draft: A Snake Draft where users are given up to 8 hours to draft their players for these contests, so they can take their time and carefully think about their selections.

Multi-entry contests: Players are allowed to submit multiple lineups for the same contest. The lineups limit depends on the size of the contest, so no player will be able to take a considerable number of the available spots in a single contest. 

Featured contests: The contests you don’t want to miss out on. 

Tournaments/leagues: Small and large field contests with huge prizes, also available to Sportsbook players.


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