What happens if one of the athletes in my roster doesn't play or has their game cancelled? (US)

Important Information

If an athlete in your Fantasy Sports lineup isn't expected to play before the contest locks, that athlete will be marked with an “Out” label. Please be sure to check your lineups just prior to the contest lock time, as some athletes are announced as “Out” within minutes of the contest locking. 

  • We can't guarantee that an "Out" designation will be added to the athlete at a reasonable time before the contest locks, which could result in your entry not being refunded. Players are advised to complete their own due diligence and research regarding athletes' statuses prior to contest lock time.

Injury Updates and Notifications

It is the responsibility of each DraftKings player to monitor the status of athletes in their lineups to make sure they will be active. DraftKings will attempt to send injury updates and notifications when possible and time allows, so be sure to keep your notification settings on

Late Swap

If the Fantasy Sports contest has not locked yet, or if you are playing in a specified “Late Swap” eligible sport and the athlete in your lineup's game has not locked, you will be able to swap your “Out” athlete with another selection.

Each individual athlete will become "locked" at the scheduled start time of their team’s game. A locked athlete can't be added or removed from a roster spot. Locked roster spots for all entries are displayed in contest game centers.

  • In the rare case that a game starts before the scheduled start time, all athletes within that game will become locked as soon as our feed reflects that the game has begun.
  • Additionally, any swaps that were made after the real-life start time of the game will result in those lineups being disqualified and refunded.
  • If an athlete is given the “Out” tag after their competition has locked, the athlete will record a score of 0 for that contest and cannot be swapped. 
  • Learn more about Late Swap.

Replacement Athlete

In the event that an athlete is not expected to play, replacement athlete may be added to the athlete pool up to 24 hours before the game start time. Any changes made to the athlete pool will be communicated via email.

Canceled, Postponed, or Rescheduled Games

In the event of a canceled, postponed, or rescheduled game, rules vary depending on the sport and contest. For more information, please consult the Rules & Scoring page.