How many Crowns do I need to enter a DraftKings Fantasy Sports contest? (US)

The number of Crowns needed to enter a Fantasy Sports contest is determined by the contest’s entry fee and is equivalent to 550 Crowns for each $1 USD. When entering a contest with Crowns, we’ll let you know the exact number of Crowns you’ll be spending, and only that amount will be deducted from your account.

Contests you can enter using only Crowns have a gold Crown icon displayed next to the Entry Fee. The option to Enter | [Crown amount] will appear after you click to reserve your entry should you have enough Crowns in your account to pay the entry fee. If you do not have enough Crowns to cover the entry fee, the option to pay with Crowns will not appear.

Control panel with four rectangular buttons: 'IMPORT' and 'RESERVE' in dark gray, inactive style; 'ENTER' in bright green with a number '9,900' and a green DK crowns icon, active style; green check mark button, active style

Select a Sport and use the Enter with Crowns filter in the Lobby to only display contests you can enter with Crowns.

Advanced Filter section with an upward-pointing arrow icon indicating it can be collapsed. Below it, a 'Field Size' filter ranges from 3 to 1000+. Four labeled entry options are listed: 'Guaranteed' with a green 'G', 'Enter with Ticket' with an orange ticket icon, 'Enter with Crowns' with a yellow crown icon, and 'Entered Contests' with a green check mark. At the bottom, a green 'Key' icon.