Is there a limit to the number of entries I can submit? (US)

Individual entry limits

Each contest has a maximum entry count per user ranging from 1 - 150. Each entry represents a lineup that is entered into the contest by the player. Entry limits for each contest are posted on the contest entry page. 

DraftKings Player First Initiative

As the leader in daily fantasy sports, we place an importance on listening to our valued players. The Player First Initiative is a series of product features, applicable across all sports, that improve the DraftKings experience for all.

  • Multi-entry limits: All contests with an entry fee less than $5 will not have more than 20 entries max per player. 
  • mini-MAX contests: Contests denoted as "mini-MAX" have entry fees under $5, while allowing players to experience the excitement of entering up to 150 lineups in a single contest.  mini-MAX contests are the exception to the sub $5 entry fee multi-entry limit policy listed above.

  • Single entry limits: Players can enter no more than 50 single-entry contests that are non-guaranteed in the same sport, entry fee, and game set at $1, $2, $3, $5, or $10 amounts.
  • Multi-entries: An "M" will appear in the contest lobby under the entries column when the contest permits multiple entry.

Important Note: The entry limit count for each contest is listed in the Contest Details as Multi-Entry.