What is a free to play pool? (US)

What are free to play pools? 

Free to play pools are games where your picks are placed against the picks of other entrants who have entered the same event. Each winner’s prize depends on the number of other players in the pool and the number of winners.

What are the different types of pools?

DraftKings offers many free to play Pools that you can enjoy, such as:

  • Pick’em: Players try to pick the correct outcomes from a series of questions about a specific event or a series of events. 
  • Popularity: Your answer will be accepted as correct if it is the most popular answer given for the specific question. If two or more answers tie, they'll all be considered as winners for that question. 
  • Trivia
  • Politics
  • Weather pools

How do I win in pools?

Participants who choose the set number of correct picks for any individual pool will win a share of the prizes based on the number of correct picks and the number of winners. Full contest details and prize structures can be found via the information icon within any pools contest.

Who determines a correct pick?

Subject to the applicable Pools Game Conditions, a correct pick will be determined by DraftKings with reference to the DraftKings house rules that are applicable to the settlement of the pick in question as determined by DraftKings. Picks are settled on the official result published by the governing body or as otherwise verified by DraftKings.

After the settlement of a pool and corresponding payment of the prize pool when applicable, any subsequent corrections or amendments by the governing body to the result will not be applicable. Where DraftKings determines that an error was made, including on the Pool Game Conditions, the pool card including errors in listings of events or picks, or in the settlement of a pool, then DraftKings reserves the right to correct such error and settle, or resettle, the pool with the error corrected; or to settle or resettle the pool with all picks for events DraftKings deems affected by the error as a correct pick.

Who determines the winner?

Winners will be determined by DraftKings in accordance with the criteria set forth in the DraftKings Pool Game Conditions.

What happens in the event of a tie?

In the occurrence of a tie result on any event whereby neither available selection for that event is the correct result (i.e. a tie result is not offered as a selection), the outcome of all selections for that event will be settled as a correct pick unless stated otherwise in the Pool Game Conditions.

What do I win in pools?

Winners receive a portion of the prize pool, which is determined according to the prize structure specified in the Pool Game Conditions.

Can I edit my picks in a pool after I've submitted them?

Yes, you can edit picks up until the start time of the pool, as listed on the pools entry screen.

If I’ve entered a pool but changed my mind, can I withdraw my entry?

No, due to the nature of pools contests, contest withdrawal isn't available at this time.

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