Who determines a correct pick for Pools? (US)

Picks are made according to the respective Pools Game Conditions and with reference to the DraftKings house rules applicable to the settlement of the pick in question. This is done according to the criteria set out in the Pool Game Conditions and based on the conditions set out for determining correct Picks.

Picks are settled on the official result published by the governing body or on results that have been otherwise verified by DraftKings.  

After a pick is settled and if applicable, a corresponding payment of the prize Pool is made, any subsequent corrections or amendments by the governing body to the result will not apply. 

If DraftKings determines an error was made, including an error in the Pools Game Conditions, in events or pick listings in the Pool card or in a Pool settlement, DraftKings reserves the right to correct any such errors, settle or resettle the Pool with the error corrected, to settle or resettle the Pool with all picks of events DraftKings deem affected by the corrected error.

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