What is a Dead Heat Reduction? (US)


Please visit our general rules section for a breakdown of Dead Heat Reduction. This page will always have the latest rules and information.

Dead Heat Reduction Rules

  1. In the event a bet sees two or more competitors tied for the same winning position (according to the terms of the bet), the “Dead Heat reduction (“DHR”) rules” apply.
  2. A “Dead Heat Reduction” is calculated by dividing the odds proportionally among the number of winners for a particular position (i.e. finishing place) in the event. For example, in a two-way tie aka ‘dead heat’, your return would be half of what was originally projected in the bet slip at the time of bet placement.

      Example (note: all calculations are using decimal odds): 

    1. You bet $50 on a golfer to have the best score among a group of 3 at +150 (2.5) odds.
    2. The event ends with two golfers tying for the best score in the group.
    3. 2.5 (original odds) ÷ 2 (number of participants who tied) = 1.25 (DHR odds)
    4. $50 x 1.25 = $62.50 payout

 3. A “Dead Heat Reduction” involving a bet with more than one finishing position (e.g. Top 10) is calculated as follows:

      1. Divide the number of participants who tied by the number of remaining finishing positions.
      2. Divide your original odds by the result of the calculation immediately above to find the new odds.
      3. Example (note: all calculations should use decimal odds):
        1. You bet $50 wager on a golfer to place in the Top 10 at +200 (3.0) odds.
        2. The event ends with the golfer tying for 8th place with 5 other golfers.
        3. 6 (tied participants) ÷ 3 (8th, 9th, & 10)) = 2.0
        4. 3.0 (original odds) ÷ 2.0 (new odds) = 1.5 (DHR odds)
        5. $50 x 1.5 = $75 payout 

How does Dead Heat Reduction affect parlays?

In the event you place a parlay where the odds of one or more of the legs are reduced due to Dead Heat Reduction, the odds of the entire parlay will be recalculated as a result of the new odds of each leg affected by Dead Heat Reduction.

Are there golf markets that aren’t subject to Dead Heat Reduction?

Yes, these markets will be listed as “Top X Finish Incl. Ties”. These markets do not settle under Dead Heat Reduction (DHR), and wagers pay out according to the odds at bet placement regardless of there being a tie.

Please note, at this time “Top X Finish Incl. Ties” markets are only available pre-tournament.

Markets that include ties will be specifically stated and include the following:

  • Top 5
  • Top 10
  • Top 20

You can confirm your wager includes ties in your bet slip. In the example provided below, if Jordan Speith were to finish in the Top 5 of The CJ Cup Byron Nelson, a $10 wager would result in a $43 payout, regardless of the number of competitors who finish in the Top 5.