What is a teaser? (US)

A teaser is very similar to a parlay bet, but allows the point spreads and game totals on two or more picks to be adjusted. A fixed number of points are bought on all picks in the teaser, “teasing” them down in exchange for lower payouts. The payout odds are determined by the number of selected picks and the number of selected points. Note: A 'reverse teaser' is when a fixed number of points are sold.

All picks must be successful for the bet to win. If a pick in a teaser results in a push/draw, that pick is removed and the odds are adjusted accordingly. A push in a two-pick teaser, without a loss, is considered “no action” and the wager is refunded. When placing a bet on a Super/Monster teaser, a push means the bet is considered lost. 

Teaser example:

We have selected a 2-team, 6-point teaser and our two selections are the Chiefs +3 and the Lions VS. 49ers Over 51. With a teaser bet, the additional 6 points are added to both teams giving us a new line: the Chiefs at +9 and the Lions VS. 49ers game total at Over 45. Both teams must cover at these new lines in order for you to win the bet. Instead of a 6-point teaser, a 6.5 or a 7-point teaser can be selected and the odds will be adjusted accordingly.

You can see more information on teasers in the following tables:

Placing Teaser Example

Note: Currently teasers exist as Football only, Basketball only or a Football/Basketball combination.