What is a prop bet? (US)

A prop bet or proposition bet is a wager on an individual player or specific event in a game/match that is not directly connected to the outcome of a game. This type of wagering allows you to place wagers on outcomes within the game rather than on the game as a whole e.g., points spread, moneyline, and/or totals.  

Prop bet examples:

  • "Will LeBron James score over or under 32 points?" 
  • "Will Julio Jones score a touchdown in this game?"

You can find player props if you visit any individual league page and navigate to the Player Props section.

In the below example, we have navigated to the NBA league page and selected the ‘Player Props’ category. From here we have selected a player prop wager on Ben Simmons to score the first field goal of the game at +600. A $100 bet would net you $600 in profit for this example.