How do I change the email address on my DraftKings account? (US)


Please don't create a new account when you have lost your login details. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited according to the DraftKings Terms of Use and may result in a restriction on your account.

How to change your email address

  1. Contact the DraftKings Customer Support Team with your request.
    • Be sure to include your old email address and new email address in the request.
    • Please explain the reason for needing to change your email address.
  2. Our team will take the steps to verify your new email and may reach out to you to request personally identifying information and/or documentation.
    • This verification process is intended to maintain your protection while we verify your identity, and ensure that only you can change your email address.
    • While we verify your email address, your account may be temporarily restricted. 
  3. After your identifying information has been reviewed and your email address has been successfully updated, you'll receive a confirmation email from one of our team members.