How can DraftKings help me manage my play? (US)

As part of DraftKings' commitment to Responsible Gaming, we offer a variety of ways to help you manage your play: 

Player Limits

Player Limits: We encourage players to set limits to help ensure play is fun and entertaining. If you'd like to continue to use DraftKings, but want to limit how you interact with our platforms, you can self-impose certain product-related restrictions. These restrictions may include limits on deposits, entries, wagers, and time spent on DraftKings. Learn more about available player limits for each product.

Cool Off Period

Cool Off Period: If you'd like to temporarily stop using DraftKings, you can give yourself a cool off period. Learn more about cool off periods.

Time Out

Time Out: If you're a UK Fantasy Sports player and would like to take a break, you can choose to give yourself a timeout. During the timeout your account will be closed and you won’t be able to access it until the timeout period passes.


Self-Exclusion: If you’d like to take a longer break from DraftKings, you can choose to temporarily self-exclude yourself from playing for a specific period of time, up to 5 years. Learn more about self-excluding

Responsible Gaming product resources: 

Also explore our safer play at DraftKings site,, for safer play tips, how games work, videos, and other resources!