I can’t withdraw my funds. Why was my withdrawal canceled? (US)

There are several reasons why your withdrawal may have been canceled. We will be happy to work with you to help find an alternative solution. In addition to this article, please review the DraftKings Withdrawal Policies.

You're trying to withdraw a bonus or another type of promotional credit

Any bonuses you receive must be "played through" by entering DraftKings contests.

You're trying to withdraw deposited funds

Until the playthrough is complete, only winnings from your deposit can be withdrawn. (If you want to refund a recent deposit, you can contact the DraftKings Customer Support Team and they will assist you with that.)

The address information in your account is incorrect (for check withdrawals)

We can only send checks to the verified address linked to your account. If that address is incorrect, you may update it via your account settings, and then request the withdrawal again. 

If none of these cases applies to you and you believe that your funds are eligible for withdrawal, please contact the DraftKings Customer Support Team for additional information and assistance.