What is a parlay or same game parlay (SGP) bet? (US)

What is a parlay bet?

A parlay is a bet that combines two or more single wagers into one bet, increasing the payout with each additional bet - the more bets added to the parlay, the higher the potential payout. DraftKings allows several types of parlays for our players from traditional parlays, Player Prop Parlays, as well as Same Game Parlays (SGP).

All added bets must win in order for the parlay to win. If one selection in the parlay loses, the whole parlay loses. If a selection results in a push, it is removed from the parlay and the odds are recalculated accordingly.

Traditional Parlay bet example:


In this case, we have a parlay that includes three selections:

  1. the Cowboys at +6,
  2. the Bengals at +3 and
  3. the Eagles at +3.5.

We need all three selections to win so our parlay can be considered winning. If the parlay wins, $100 will get you a combined profit of $613. If any of the selections lose, the whole parlay is considered lost.

Why can’t I parlay certain selections?


A bet on the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC North parlayed with the Packers to win the NFC and advance to the Super Bowl would be deemed 'too closely related', and a parlay wouldn't be accepted.

What is a Same Game Parlay (SGP) bet?

A Same Game parlay (SGP) works the same as a regular parlay, but allows you to combine multiple outcomes from the same game. A Same Game Parlay is dependent on all of those outcomes winning, just like a regular parlay. Events that support SGP will have a +SGP logo next to every game card.  

To place an SGP wager:

  1. Log into Sportsbook via the app, mobile web, or desktop/laptop
  2. Locate an event with +SGP and select it.
  3. On the Event tab or game page, toggle On for Same Game Parlay.
  4. Make your picks and tap Add To Bet Slip.


Other rules:

  • SGP is available only for pre-match bets.
  • Cash out isn't supported. 
  • To receive bet odds, at least two (2) legs of the parlay must be selected. 

Settlement of these bets will be based on the following criteria:

  • In applicable states, when an SGP contains a player who didn't participate and legs become voided, the SGP will adjust the odds and settle based on the outcome of the remaining legs. 
  • For further sportsbook SGP settlement rules, review the Market Rules section of the sportsbook.
  • For further sports-specific SGP settlement rules, review the relevant sports-specific sections of the sportsbook.

Important: Due to the nature of the bet type, SGP odds are calculated differently than in other types of parlay bets. Please take careful note of the SGP-specific odds before placing a bet.

What is a player prop parlay?

A player prop parlay lets you choose the winning team and one event in the same game in one singular bet. The combination of these two bets will get you higher odds leading to higher potential winnings!

For example, if you choose to bet on the First Basket/Winner market, you will need to pick a winning team AND a player who you think will score first. 

If you want to bet on LeBron James being the first to score in the Lakers vs. Celtics game, you can select both LeBron James as the first scorer and either of the two teams as the winner. 

Important: You can't combine your wagers or place two parlays with LeBron James as first scorer and both teams as winners.



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