How is my Player Status Tier determined and where do I see my progress?

The Player Status Tier of each player is determined by the number of crowns earned each month (from the 1st until the last day of the month). 

Number of crowns required for each Player Status Tier:

  • Bronze: 100 crowns per month 
  • Silver: 500 crowns per month 
  • Gold: 2,000 crowns per month 
  • Platinum: 10,000 crowns per month 
  • Diamond: 25,000 crowns per month 
  • Black: 125,000 crowns per month 

To check progress:

  • Mobile: You can check your progress on the Home tab. Scroll down to the DK Rewards section and tap View Rewards to see your Tier. 
  • Web: You can check your progress on your Daily Rewards page. Your current Tier will be listed at the top of the page. 
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