If I spend Crowns I earned, will it affect my Dynasty Rewards status tier? (US)

The count of Crowns currently available in your wallet won’t have an impact on the calculation of your Dynasty Rewards status tier.  Status tiers are determined by Tier Credits you’ve earned in this or a previous calendar year. 

Important Information

  • You can check your Crown balances at any time from the Dynasty Rewards homepage.
  • Crowns Available indicates the total number of Crowns you have available to redeem on DraftKings or in the Dynasty store.
  • Spending Crowns on DraftKings or in the Dynasty store won’t affect your status tier in any way.  
  • Crown and Tier Credit accrual rates are subject to change. Your participation in the Dynasty Rewards Program is governed by the Dynasty Rewards Rules & Policy. Learn more about the Rules and Policy.

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