When will my promotion be credited?

The time required to credit your account is different for each promotion offered across Daily Fantasy, Sportsbook, and Casino.

With some promotions, you will be credited immediately (or shortly thereafter) after taking the action defined within the promotion.  For example once a bet settles, and accounted for by the DraftKings promotions team. 

When applying a sportsbook profit boost, your boosted winnings will be included in the settled bet.

Sportsbook odds boosts are different, this type of boots enhanced odds on an outcome. The outcome will appear with the normal odds until it has been added to the bet slip. Boosted odds mean your winnings become greater for the same outcome, any winnings you earn with the boost applied will be included in the settled bet.  

DraftKings also offers promotions where you will receive the promotional credit once the wager is accounted for, usually within 24 hours of the promotion end time.  In some situations the crediting process may exceed the expected window while a full accounting is underway to complete the crediting.  We thank you in advance for your patience, it will be worth the wait!

For more information, please see the specific promotion Terms & Conditions for information specific to your promotion.

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