Glossary of Fantasy Sports terms (US)

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Game Styles



In-Game Showdown


Flash Draft



Contest Types

Game Styles:



Definition: Classic is our most common DFS format which consists of players drafting a lineup from multiple game slates. The number of players varies by sport.

      • NFL: 9 players
      • NBA: 8 players
      • MLB: 10 players
      • NHL: 9 players
      • Golf: 6 players
  • Sports offered: All sports (full list here)


Definition: Showdown is a DFS variant that takes place between two teams in one (1) game. 

    • Captain showdown variant has a captain that earns 1.5x FPTS.  All sports have 6 players in captain mode except for CFL (5).
Sports offered: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, CFB, CBB, SOC, CFL

In-Game Showdown:

Definition: In-Game Showdown allows players to draft a lineup for either the 2nd half or the 4th quarter. Players can often draft or reserve before the game takes place.
Sports offered: NFL, NBA


Definition: Tiers is a game variant where players draft a player from each tier.  The players are chosen by DraftKings and the number of tiers varies by the game set.  The tiers tend to descend from best players to average players.  

Sports offered: NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf

Flash Draft:

Definition: Flash Draft allows players to draft during a live game.  Players draft over 5 rounds and choose between individual players, players with multipliers, and player combos. It is a mobile-only game.  

Sports offered: NFL and NBA.


Definition: A variant that will allow players to draft multiple games. Points will be cumulative.

    • Ex: Yankees vs. Red Sox, Draft a lineup for their entire series.  
Sports Offered: Soon for Soccer, NHL, NBA, MLB


Definition: Teams take turns drafting players live and the pick order is reversed each round. Once the draft is complete, no roster management is needed.

Contest Types:

Head to Head (H2H):

      • A contest type where you play against one other opponent.


          • A contest type between two teams in one (1) game without a captain. This contest has only three (3) utility spots and one (1) bench spot.
              • Note: The bench spot's designation is for players that are injured in the game or if they don't play at all.
              • The bench player drafted would then replace the play if they score more. 

50/50's and Double Ups:

    • 50/50s: If you finish in the top half of the field you win cash.
    • Double Ups: Win and double your entry fee.


  • Multiply your entry fee up to 10x when you win.

Satellites and Qualifiers:

  • Win your way into higher-stakes contests or live/online events.


  • Small and large field contests with huge guaranteed prize pools (GPPS).
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